Wally's Story


Wally - aka Wallymart, Snowmart, or Snowcone

Wally was a stray cat that showed up in a local walmart parking lot during the winter. He was spotted for several weeks running around searching for food, water, and warmth. As you can imagine, a parking lot is a very dangerous place for a cat to live, and it is amazing that he had not been hit by a car or stuck in an engine yet. Once we saw him ourselves, we knew we had to try to help him.

When we spotted Wally, it was 10 degrees outside and he was biting at blocks of snow attempting to get water. He scattered every time we approached him, so we set up a trap instead. It was extremely difficult to place the trap, since every time we would get close enough for him to smell the food, he would bolt to the other side of the parking lot. We would slowly approach him there, and again, he would run to somewhere else. Eventually, we got the timing right and were able to place the trap. It didn't take him long to recognize that there was food, and he eagerly walked right in!

To our surprise, Wally was a friendly cat and no one came forward to claim him. He was instantly sweet, loving, and SO grateful to be indoors and out of the elements. After a few weeks of good food and several baths to get all the car grease out of his fur, he was finally ready for neuter and adoption. He turned out to be one of the most affectionate cats to ever come through our rescue. He is best known for sleeping right up on your chest, giving hugs, always purring, making biscuits, and giving head bumps. Eventually, Wally found his forever home and is completely spoiled and loved by his humans today.