Theo's Story


Theo - aka TT, or Mr. T

Theo showed up at a feeding station as an intact male with an obvious limp. He ignored all our traditional trapping techniques and as time went on, his condition worsened. He was putting zero weight on his rear right leg, struggling to get around, and overall you could just see the defeat in his eyes. After 8 long weeks, we finally outsmarted Theo and were able to trap him!

Theo was quickly examined by a veterinarian, x-rayed, and neutered. In uneducated hands, Theo's injury was a death sentence for a feral cat. Thankfully, we had the tools and experience to save him. He was kept inside and crated for 8 weeks while his leg, body, and soul healed. It isn't ideal to keep a feral cat inside and contained for this long, but it was necessary for Theo's survival. Every day he reminded us that he was a feral cat, and he intended to go back home to the outdoors! While we aren't quite sure what happened to his leg, he did completely recover and gain full use again.

On one beautiful summer day, Theo was released back to the only home he knows. He is very loved by his feeders and is a typical spoiled cat with his heated water bowl, lots of yummy food, shelter, and even toys!